Menstral Cup
Menstral Cup
Menstral Cup
Menstral Cup
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Menstral Cup

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Usage Tips :

The handle can be trimmed to fit each women's vagina. 
Sterilize the menstral cup in boiled water 2-3 minutes before use.(The cup will not be distorted) 
Once your menstral cup is in place, give it a gentle spin to help set it in place. 
The menstral cup creates a vacuum seal inside you, preventing leaks. 
You can wear a menstral cup up to 12 hours! 
Break the seal before removing your menstral cup.

How to use?

Sterilize the menstral cup before every use. Introduce the cup with clean hands and while resting. To facilitate introduction, you can moisten the cup with water or use a water-based lubrication gel. Fold the cup two times lengthwise and insert it. Upon proper insertion, the cup unfolds fully.

You can try to turn the menstral cup slightly while holding its bottom part to ensure proper placement. Properly introduced and with the aid of your vaginal muscles, the cup does not turn and remains in the same position. The menstrual cup is placed low inside the vagina. In its proper position, the cup is placed in such a manner that no leaking should occur and there is no feeling of its presence in the body.

The menstral cup retains min.7.5 – 15 – 28ml of menstral blood. Thanks to its design, it is an ideal menstral aid for all kinds of activities, travelling or common daily usage. The cup can be used safely at night, as well. Your menstral cup can be used up to 12 hours daily without replacement. The stem design features raised bumps, to allow you to grip the stem better for easier removal. The strength of the silicone used has been chosen to achieve optimum flexibility.

Depending on the menstral flow, empty the cup approximately 2–5 times daily. Upon emptying, just rinse lady Cup with water. Lady cup can be also boiled or sterilized in the sterilization solution. Your choice of maintenance depends on your particular situation.

Note: Women who have no sexual experience are not recommended to use this menstral cup.


Large and Small sizes

>Size L: For women who have given birth to a child or who are over the age of 25 years old.
>Size S: For women who have not given birth to a child or women under the age of 25 years old.