How Eco Empress became

I've been my friends Urban Hippy for years and years.

Trying to get everyone around me to reduce their waste and footprint. Trying to make the community and people surrounded by me make it seem normal. 

Slowly but surely I was getting there. Reducing waste and using environmentally friendly products wasnt as strange anymore. People where getting educated. It's great! 

Now I'm not perfect. I'm far from it. I've still got a long way to go and more to learn and research. But I try and I'm aware about what I put in my trolley. And my body. And in the bin. And I want to get better.

But since I obviously dont hide my passion for it. With out pushing it down people's throats, a really positive thing came out of it...people, even strangers started asking me about how I do it, what I buy, where I get them from. 

So I created a insta page. And a facebook page about what I use at home and in my every day life.      It had such a positive reaction with people asking if I could help them source it. The next obvious step was to work with as many Australian businesses that I personally use as possible and start an online store so all these people were able to use what I use and love also.

Now we are here...the next step of my journey begins. And I always want to improve and grow. So if any of you ever have thoughts or have ideas of what you want to see here...inbox me. Hit the messenger link/button and talk! 😉